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Software engineer with 6+ years experience in building large scale software systems. 4+ years of team leading experience with Accenture and Workday. Over two years of military leadership experience leading combat units under high-stress situations. Fascinated with Algorithms, Data Science and Capital Markets. B.Sc. & M.Sc. in Computer Science - Technical University of Munich. German citizen.


Associate Manager, Software Development Engineering

2019 - Present
Workday, Munich, Germany

Build and grow a team of software and quality assurance engineers distributed between California and Germany. Leading, mentoring and coaching crew members. Working closely with product management teams as well as tech leads to ensure product development. Taking full responsibility for whatever is happening or has happened.

Software Development Engineer (Tech Lead)

9.2017 - 12.2019
Workday, Munich, Germany

Working on several core components of Workday’s cloud-based financial management and HR solutions. Designed and implemented REST and SOAP APIs, back-end components leveraging SaaS models. Conducted performance analysis of complex software components supporting thousands of tenants.

Team Lead

12.2016 - 8.2017
Accenture, Munich, Germany

Front-to-back technology solutions in Capital Markets, Clearing and Settlement. Clients included UniCredit S.p.A., CACEIS Bank S.A.

Senior Analyst

12.2015 - 11.2016
Accenture, Munich, Germany

Software engineer with UniCredit’s Securities Trade Processing Technology team that is responsible for maintaining and developing the post-execution trade processing platform that interface directly with the front office to process firm and customer transactions.

Key responsibilities included allocation capture, trade figuration, trade explosion, trade aggregation, reporting of trades to exchanges or other venues, customer confirmation generation & transmission, and booking the completed transactions downstream to the firm’s books & records, and for settlement.


9.2014 - 11.2015
Accenture, Munich, Germany

Implementation of Calypso components and maintenance of existing Securities Processing System. Project management, financial forecasting.

Research Fellow

4.2013 - 8.2014
Institute for Medical Statistics and Epidemiology, Munich, Germany

Research Fellow on the m4 Data Integration System project responsible for the progression of an Electronic Data Capture system used for clinical trials at the Klinikum Grosshadern and Rechts der Isar Hospital with focus on data protection, security and privacy.

Student Research Assistant

10.2012 - 3.2013
Chair for Business informatics at TUM, Munich, Germany

Responsibilities included literature review, administrative and organizational duties.

Student Research Assistant / Software Engineer

9.2011 - 3.2012
Department of Training Science and Sport Informatics at TUM, Munich, Germany

Developed a C# based player tracking application in cooperation with the German Olympic Beach Volleyball Team. The software was used during the London 2012 Summer Olympics.

Mathematics Tutor

Department of Informatics at TUM, Munich, Germany

Second Lieutenant, 188rd Medium Artillery Battalion

7.2005 - 8.2007
Cyprus Military, Cyprus

Forward Observer - intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance for artillery units and brigade maneuvers.

Led and trained 51 personnel. Maintained 100% accountability of €230 million of equipment (rifles, ammunition, grenades, howitzers) without incident. FO (forward observer) serving in intelligence activities such as target processing for artillery units and brigade maneuvers.

Commanding Officer

7.2006 - 8.2006
Cyprus Military, Cyprus

Humanitarian aid during the 2006 Lebanon War: provided safety and security for EU nationals during the evacuation to Cyprus.


I spend my free time working on a number of side projects such as iOS apps, web applications and algorithmic problem solving. Technologies I am working with include Swift, Node.js, Python, Pandas.

Sengi Keep track of what you have done.
FizzBuzzer A blog where I write about algorithms and publish code.
Bargain Bargain is an elegant Stock Screener with a neat interface that makes it ultra easy and fun to use.
Clobber Clobber is a side-scrolling iPhone game featuring 2D retro style graphics and a helicopter. It is based on the classic Helicopter game. Gameplay Video
Retro Defender Retro Defender is based on the original game of Space Invaders.
RTCRandom Tengmo is a great way to meet new friends. When you use Tengmo, we pick someone else at random and let you talk one-on-one. To help you stay safe, chats are anonymous unless you tell someone who you are, and you can stop a chat at any time.
TMF Reference Model B Implementation Distributed system for data security and privacy.
Video Conference App With WebRTC Complete client/server application demonstrating how to setup a video conference with multiple peers using WebRTC.
Open-source Contributions Regularly I implement and publish small pieces of code such as AgnularJS directives, Firefox plugins, Apple Swift sample projects, Spring sample projects, etc.
m4 Spitzencluster Software engineer at the Institute of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology - TU Munich, with main focus on researching and developing approaches for enhancing security and privacy in healthcare software systems.
Securities Processing System (SPS) Software engineer on UniCredit's main trade processing system, implementing and refactoring new and existing features.
Nachhandelstransparenz System (NHT) Rearchitected UniCredit's existing NHT system. Designed and implemented new interface to Xetra's FIX API used for reporting MiFID relevant trades.
TradeRepository Implemented a web application that is being used for reporting trades relevant to the Italian Financial Transaction Tax at UniCredit.
BeachScouter Implemented a player tracking software in collaboration with the German Volleyball Federation and the Federal Institute of Sports Science for tracking players during games and analyzing game tactics. The software was used during the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.
Large File Sorter Tool that externally sorts large text files.
Parallax Table View Header Sample code illustrating how to implement a parallax scrolling table view header in Swift.
Swift Slide-out Navigation Swift slide-out navigation example.
Swipe-to-Horizon Sample code that implements a swipe away to the horizon gesture that can be performed on a view.
Swift Mazes Algorithms for generating and drawing circular and square mazes.
Pinterest Layout Examples illustrating a Pinterest like layout.
Compare Excel Sheets A simple Java maven application that can be used to compare two .xlsx files using Apache POI.
Database Comparison Tool A small tool that illustrates how to compare different database tables using a pre-defined mapping.
Swift-Concurrency Swift sample app that illustrates how to concurrently download, process and display information from a server.
NG-Token Field AngularJS token input directive. A token input box that automatically creates tokens out of the typed text..
CollectionsKit CollectionsKit gives the programmer access to collection data structures in Swift.
StringSearch Boyer Moore string search algorithm in Swift.
Unfolding UITableViewCell Simple Swift implementation of an unfolding UITableViewCell.
XML Comparison Tool Quick and dirty Java Swing application to find and match XML files based on certain criteria.
Parallax Scrolling in SpriteKit Sample project demonstrating parallax scrolling with Swift and Sprite Kit.
Objective-C Emboss Button A nice looking emboss button.
Graph Cycles Java application to list all cycles in an undirected and directed graph.
JSDatePicker A simple and easy to customise javascript datepicker.
Spring MVC Architecture Using Gradle A multi-project Spring MVC example with gradle.
JSTimeBox A JavaScript time field that formats inputted values into 12-hour clock format.
JSTokenField A JavaScript token field that is easy to use and customize.


Procurement Sales with (Homogeneous and) Heterogeneous Goods
Stefan Karl Mayer, Lucas Louca
15th IEEE Conference on Business Informatics, 2013
Designing and Implementing a Distributed System for Data Security and Privacy
Lucas Louca

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Data Structures


Git/ SVN